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  • How long is the guarantee?
    We give a 2 year guarantee on the device. In order to protect the disc (wearing part), the battery must be removed from the device after treatment. If the disc runs dry, this will lead to a defect in the disc after a long period of time (over a month).
  • Why have I never heard of the Varrodisc?
    The Varrodisc has only been available on the market this year. Selected beekeepers were able to test these last year.
  • Where is the Varrodisc made?
    The invention comes from Austria, more precisely from Vorarlberg. The plastic parts made of polyethylene and the drive are from China. The disc is from Austria or Liechtenstein. The development took place exclusively in Austria and Liechtenstein. The assembly and distribution takes place in Liechtenstein.
  • Isn't the drive a quartz clockwork?
    YES. In principle yes, but the hour hand has no function. The gear for the hour hand has been removed. A positive side effect is that the movement has a little more torque.
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